This week..

This week went amazing as always. I did a lot of stuff including kickball, spanish, math, grammar, history, listened to music with Hannah, played skull, did my nails, edited photos for Abby, cooked beignets, drew, made fun art with Nahla, Mel and Hannah, went to check in and change up, then went to Barnard for the whole day to do some writing. I love writing and I could never stop. If someone told me to put down the pen or pencil I wouldn’t, I would just keep on going…that’s how much I love to write. I worked on an essay today which was pretty hard core but I managed to start it with the help of Mel. Mel is such an amazing editor whom I could rely on. I’m glad to have her as a facilitator and a very good friend. This day could never gone better. I had an amazing time at Barnard doing fun writing exercises and now I’m headed home and off to the gym to work my butt off. I just can’t be more happier with my life or my school. Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there!!!! <3

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