This week…

This week I was out for a lot of days but I had an amazing week like always. On Monday, I stayed home because I came home late from PA. Can’t even describe how much fun I had there!!! Tuesday, I came in and I watched the magic school bus, did math, writing, spanish and played a cool kahoot game. On Wednesday, it was an amazing day because it was my besties birthday. We went to a broadway show, then we ate at Olive Garden, and went back to her place to eat some cupcakes and  Iphy came over. I cannot believe that she is finally older than me. 16 my gosh is a big age but I think she had an amazing day. I’m so proud of everything she does and that she has my back since day 1. I’m so glad that I have a great friend like her. Anyways, on Thursday I went rock climbing and on Friday, well today, I did check in and change up, then portraits, biology, charades, and another cool game called Contact. I’m off to train but don’t forget to stay happy and smile💗💗💗💗

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