First full week….

This summer was challenging for me. Gone through many ups and downs but came back stronger than ever. Every darkness comes with a light. When I go through a challenge, I try to tell myself that this is just temporary. I definitely can and will fix it. On the first half week of school, I was still not feeling very well. Decided to stay home and work on myself to become better by the full week of school. This first week of school went pretty good. I did a lot of productive things and I’m really proud of myself. Slowly but cooperatively progressing to reach my goals this year. To many new beginnings of friendship and a good school year!

Penn Penn Penn

Last weekend, I went to Pennslyvania, whoop whoop!! I shadowed an awesome gym teacher and participated in a crossfit class. Crossfit is really different from how I train because it focuses on increasing work capacity, things that I am not used to. Meanwhile, bodybuilding is basically all about form and building your muscles. The good thing is that I got through the class and I was really happy at the end. If I can do it, so can you. Shadowing a gym teacher was incredible. This was my second time doing it and I did it like a pro (well in my point of view). The kids were super stoked to see me again and I also felt the same way about them. Meeting a bunch of fascinating kids, made my day. Smiles, hugs, and convos was all I needed and they sure did a great job at doing that. My little chickaroos did a tremendous job at following directions from Mrs. Nawn and myself. I truly loved everyone but 2nd, 4th, and 6th grade caught my attention. Some names that I remembered from second grade were: Braydon, Francesca, and Katherine. Names from fourth grade: Paige, Vivian, Maggie, Catherine, and Mira. And names from sixth grade were the two and most funny ones: Ethan and I forgot the other ones name(sorry). I loved playing escape from haiti, volleyball, and kickball with you guys and especially with everyone. Thank you for letting me participate in your fun games. Most importantly, thank you Mrs. Nawn, Mrs. Oulton, and Dr. Greco for allowing me to come visit again. The best teacher, secretary, and principal, are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see! Even though I am not part of this school, I will always remember you guys because it’s impossible to forget the marvelous memories I made at this school! Much love to everyone and congrats 8th grade for graduating this year! I hope to see you guys very soon <3


I’m writing about motivation this week. People with motivation can find a reason to accomplish goals. Well, this didn’t exactly happen to me this week at the gym. I felt unmotivated but this will definitely change because I have the right mindset for today. Even though we have good and bad days, we come back strong and confident but staying positive really helps in this situation. I’m going to go train with a positive attitude like I always do, except for this week, and get the gains and shredzzzz! SHAAPEACE

This week…

My week went fabulousooo!! It was a short week because of my spring break vacay but I made a lot of friends. I am very proud of myself, not only did I have a great time but I aslo formed friendships that will allow me to connect with people all around the world. Arriving in a tank top in NYC, wasn’t the best idea. Freezing New York, what can you do? Not complaining but I think the people had enough of this cold weather. I can’t talk for the people so I’m mainly talking about myself.  If the weather hears this, please change as soon as possible. Thank you! Overall, 3 days in school was okay. I focused on myself and accomplished a bunch of things. Thanks to the help of Mel for believing in me to finish my wonderful fitness journey. I’ve gotten real far with it and I’m so excited for the extrordinary oppurtunities coming up. Besides writing, spanish and anatomy went really well. Also been improving with my language but then nailed all my tests with Hugo and Iphy in anatomy. The body isn’t that hard to learn about and understand. You just have to be willing to sit down, take notes, and pay attention. Anyways, that’s it for the week. I’m going home and getting ready to go train. Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to stay positive and always smile.

Positivity never stops

Something about being positive changes your day. I’ve learned to always change negative thoughts into positive thoughts because you can then get positive results. Being positive helped me a lot these days. With everything going on, mentally and physically, I really did succeed this week. I got into my zone, cleared a lot off my mind, and focused on achieving my goals. This is not the only week I’ve been doing these things but I really learned to be positive and only surround myself with people that lift me higher.

Happy Happy Happy

An injury is not just a process of recovery it’s a process of discovery. Seeing everybody lifting, touching weights and knowing that I can’t for a few weeks is a bummer but it is what it is. I accept it and I’m coming back stronger than ever. It’s part of any athlete but I just have to stay positive. I might not be lifting heavy or doing personal records but I know I’m doing everything I can to make my body stronger even with baby weights. I won’t heal in 24 hours. That’s why patience comes with all of this. I feel like I needed to write this down to know that I’m staying strong and getting better. ???

We’re back in business

This week was the first week back. It went amazing. I got a lot of things accomplished… I’m super duper happy. I did spanish, romanian, trip planning, math, worked on spreadsheets, got a new book from the library, did writing, played kahoot, spyfall, did portraits, played poker, did anatomy and physiology, and went to check in and change up. Oh and I worked out almost every day of the week but did mostly body weight because of my shoulder. Things happen and we have to accept it. We learn from our mistakes! Have a great weekend and don’t forget to stay happy and smile??

This week…

This week went phenomenal. It was my birthday week so I spent it outside with my friends and family for 3 days straight. Sunday, I had a surprise dinner. Monday, my mom and I went to places in the city and Tuesday, Hannah and I went to Max Brenner. I was so sad when I heard that Iphy couldn’t come. It’s okay, we will plan something again before the New Year. Then I came back to school on Wednesday. The week went by quick because it was really short for me. I did spanish, human anatomy and physiology, portraits, poker, math, ww legacy, check in, change up, and I worked on some things. I’m off to the dentist now….I’m super excited..yeepeee?have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to stay happy and smile???

Jesus Louisus

This week was amazing as always. I did a lot of things such as: math, spanish, werewolves, worked on spreadsheets,  did anatomy, went ice skating, did cook n00b, talked with PA kids, played poker, did portraits and did sudoku with Mel. Also, I had a lot of fun wandering outside in the cold with friends. Don’t you just love the cold? Cause I do!!! December is right around the corner and I’m so excited because my birthday is coming up and of course Christmas…duhhh!!! I’m gonna go now because it’s Friday and then the weekend and you know what weekend your butt off like you mean it at the gym! No pain no gain????Don’t forget to stay happy and smile???

This week…

This week went amazing. I didn’t go to school on Monday so I went ice skating with Hannah. I did a lot of things this week….poker, math, spanish, anatomy, worked on spreadsheets, played contact, talked with visitors, participated in dancegiving, played geoguesser, did riddles, and worked on sweatshirt. This was a   short blog but I hope to post more next time! Don’t forget to stay happy and smile???