Penn Penn Penn

Last weekend, I went to Pennslyvania, whoop whoop!! I shadowed an awesome gym teacher and participated in a crossfit class. Crossfit is really different from how I train because it focuses on increasing work capacity, things that I am not used to. Meanwhile, bodybuilding is basically all about form and building your muscles. The good thing is that I got through the class and I was really happy at the end. If I can do it, so can you. Shadowing a gym teacher was incredible. This was my second time doing it and I did it like a pro (well in my point of view). The kids were super stoked to see me again and I also felt the same way about them. Meeting a bunch of fascinating kids, made my day. Smiles, hugs, and convos was all I needed and they sure did a great job at doing that. My little chickaroos did a tremendous job at following directions from Mrs. Nawn and myself. I truly loved everyone but 2nd, 4th, and 6th grade caught my attention. Some names that I remembered from second grade were: Braydon, Francesca, and Katherine. Names from fourth grade: Paige, Vivian, Maggie, Catherine, and Mira. And names from sixth grade were the two and most funny ones: Ethan and I forgot the other ones name(sorry). I loved playing escape from haiti, volleyball, and kickball with you guys and especially with everyone. Thank you for letting me participate in your fun games. Most importantly, thank you Mrs. Nawn, Mrs. Oulton, and Dr. Greco for allowing me to come visit again. The best teacher, secretary, and principal, are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see! Even though I am not part of this school, I will always remember you guys because it’s impossible to forget the marvelous memories I made at this school! Much love to everyone and congrats 8th grade for graduating this year! I hope to see you guys very soon <3

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